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Design and development of a wiki-styled database and directory for A2 Motorbikes

A2 Motorbikes

A database of motorbikes that can be ridden on the A2 motorbike license. A2 motorbikes is a database of A2 bikes in various categories and have a directory of motorbike instructors and all motorbike MOT stations.

Database of A2 bikes

A2 Motorbikes is built on an efficient backend database system, allowing for fast loading of information, pages and search results.

Automated posting to social media

A2 Motorbikes is set up to automatically post to social to Twitter and Facebook. There are several daily time slots, and when a new bike is added to the site, it automatically fills a spot and will be published to several social channels.

The beauty of this feature is that it will automatically gather key information such as the image, title, link, and generate hashtags based on the type of motorbike and manufacturer. All while saving an average of 10 – 20 minutes of additional work per article.

In addition to this, when no new posts are added, the site cycles through bikes that have already been added to the site. These get reposted on social media, as these pages will always be relevant to new users.

Database site SEO optimisation and readability

Another integration on A2 Motorbikes is automated SEO and readability features. These systems allow the webmaster to easily create titles and descriptions for search engines and optimise pages to display in search results for certain searches.

We were also able to make the system automatically suggest internal linking between motorbike models, which can offer major usability and SEO boost.

In terms of the readability aspect, the website will use several methods to check for sentence length, use of language and passive voice, to provide the writer excellent feedback and points to improve upon when writing their news story.

Hosting and speed optimisation

Further to these features, A2 Motorbikes also comes with plenty of behind the scenes optimisations.

For example, the site is hosted on a dedicated platform with range-topping speed optimisation technologies, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that keeps a version of the site on servers throughout the world and then serves users from their nearest destinations, as well as other features such as preloading of links on a page, so that when a user clicks on another bike, this would have already been loaded in the background and the load will be near-instantaneously.


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