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Martock needed a new mobile-friendly village website to replace an old hard-to-use website

Situated in Somerset, Martock is not just a large parish, but a vibrant hub of community life and historical significance. Our task at Parrot Creative was to rejuvenate Martock’s online presence, transforming it into a digital platform that truly reflects the village’s dynamic spirit and rich heritage. Collaborating with Somerset Council and Martock M3 Community Partnership, we embarked on a journey to overhaul the outdated and unfriendly old website.

The new community website for Martock is a testament to the village’s thriving community and historical treasures, such as The National Trust’s Treasurer’s House and the remarkable 13th-century parish church. We focused on creating a village website that is not only a repository of historical information but also a lively portal for current events and local business engagement. Central to this was the inclusion of an interactive events calendar and a comprehensive business directory, designed to foster community involvement and promote local enterprises.

Recognising the importance of community contribution, we integrated a user-friendly digital form that allows locals to easily submit events and business listings. This feature ensures that the website stays up-to-date and truly community-driven, with events and business information being seamlessly added to the site upon approval.

A crucial part of our work involved migrating data from the old website, ensuring a smooth transition to the new platform without loss of valuable historical and community content. In addition, we provided support in managing the site’s content, ensuring it remains relevant and engaging for visitors.

The Martock website also features a newsletter system, allowing the regular dissemination of news and updates to the community. Accessibility was another key consideration; we integrated the UserWay accessibility widget, ensuring that the website is usable and welcoming to all, regardless of their disabilities.

The result is a modern, mobile-friendly, and easily navigable village website that not only serves as a window into Martock’s rich history but also as a vibrant platform for current village life. This project showcases our commitment to creating websites that meet technical specifications and resonate with the heart and soul of the community they represent.

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