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Headless CMS and API integrations for a book subscription company

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Subscription Box Website

Illumicrate is a subscription box for book lovers

Illumicrate sends out boxes of newly released books and goodies to subscribers every month. Illumicrate works closely with publishers to make sure boxes are always packed with the latest and greatest releases, as well as some fantastic exclusive content that you can’t find anywhere else.

Subscription company website design

Project Brief

Book subscription box company website

Illumicrate is a subscription box for book lovers, allowing individuals worldwide to sign up for a monthly “full box” or “book-only” Illumicrate subscription.

As the customer base grew, and due to a lack of long-term technical strategy, Illumicrate’s old website became slow and was difficult to scale. They needed a new and scalable ecommerce website that improved conversion rates, matched their updated branding, and better served users’ needs.

Parrot Creative presented a clear strategy for brand implementation, website design, headless WordPress development, and third-party integrations.

Ecommerce user research services

Subscription Box Website Design

Illumicrate needed more than just a pretty website

As part of this extensive project, Parrot Creative created bespoke integrations between all of these systems to create a seamless and scalable experience that allowed Illumicrate to take advantage of the benefits provided by a headless static website.

As part of the Illumicrate website design project, Parrot Creative performed extensive UX research that included:

  • Quantitive survey and analysis
  • Collecting and analysing HotJar data (recordings and heatmaps)
  • Analysing Google Analytics data and user flows
  • Creating User Personas

As a result, we addressed pain points that limited sales. With the new website, Illumicrate was able to unlock additional revenue, launch more products, and focus on growing the business.

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Platforms & Technical

Ecommerce systems for a subscription box business

As Illumicrate is a high order volume business and needed to process thousands of orders per minute during product launches, we opted to create a headless CMS website.

The new headless Illumicrate website is powered by:

  • BigCommerce – for backend order handling
  • Recharge Subscriptions – for processing of recurring payments
  • Braintree – for processing of one-off payments
  • WordPress – for headless content management on our dedicated hosting
  • Klaviyo – marketing automation
  • Vercel – static site deployment

The site has both a UK and US version, and users are automatically prompted to switch to the other region if the website detects that they are viewing the wrong website.


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