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We have roots and expertise in dedicated servers reaching 2012 – you’re in safe hands.

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We also offer auto-scaling cloud hosting for websites with lower resource requirements.

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“Highly recommended hosting company! Great support, perfect up time, actually cares about their customers business, communities, or projects.”

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About Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers configured and deployed to meet the exact needs of your project

If you’re running a high-traffic WordPress website or a demanding WooCommerce store, our managed dedicated servers are the ultimate hosting solution. At Parrot Creative, we deliver industry-leading hosting services, providing robust, secure, and WordPress-optimised servers that cater to the most resource-intensive applications.

Our dedicated servers are more than just hardware; they are a fully managed hosting solution where you benefit from complete control, security, and performance optimisation. Unlike shared hosting, you no longer have to share your resources with any other websites. Instead, you’ll have your server tailored to your specific needs, providing your website with the full computing power it deserves.

One of the most significant advantages of our dedicated servers is the optimisation for WordPress. We understand the intricate nuances of WordPress and have tailored our servers to provide the perfect environment for it to thrive. From custom configurations for better speed and performance to fine-tuning server settings for efficient WordPress and WooCommerce operations, our servers are fully optimised to ensure your website runs flawlessly.

With Parrot Creative, you never have to worry about data security. Our servers come with enterprise-level security features to protect your online assets. Free SSL certificates, regular updates, and hardened server configurations ensure that your website stays safe from potential threats. Plus, with our daily backup service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is always safe and easily recoverable.

Our team of WordPress hosting experts is always available to provide support, maintain your server, and ensure it runs at peak performance. With Parrot Creative’s dedicated servers, you can focus on what you do best – running your business – while we take care of the rest. Experience the true power of dedicated resources, tailored to serve your WordPress website in the most optimal way.

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