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Special Needs School Website

The Wymering School needed an easy to use, accessible, and translatable school website

The Wymering School is a new special free school in Portsmouth, Hampshire and serves as an exemplary model of specialised education for children aged 9 to 16 with social communication and interaction difficulties. Entrusted with the mission of crafting a digital platform for the school, Parrot Creative stepped in to deliver a bespoke website solution that would not only meet but exceed the expectations of The Wymering School and the Delta Education Trust.

Our primary objective was to create a functional, user-friendly website that resonates with the ethos of The Wymering School. The site needed to provide essential information and resources for students, parents, and staff, including the publication of newsletters, comprehensive policy documentation, and up-to-date term dates. Acknowledging the unique needs of the school’s neurodiverse audience, our team was committed to ensuring the highest levels of accessibility and ease of use.

To enhance the website’s inclusivity, we integrated Google Translate functionality, allowing content to be accessible in multiple languages, thereby catering to a diverse school community. Furthermore, in line with our commitment to accessibility, we implemented UserWay’s accessibility tool. This feature ensures that all users, regardless of their disabilities, can navigate the site with ease, making the digital experience at The Wymering School as inclusive as its educational ethos.

Beyond these functionalities, our approach was to deliver a solution that was not only cost-effective but also aesthetically pleasing and reflective of the school’s vibrant community spirit. This school website design was tailored to be welcoming and informative, providing a digital gateway for prospective and current families to understand the school’s values and offerings.

The website for The Wymering School by Parrot Creative stands as a testament to our ability to deliver high-quality, bespoke web solutions under budget constraints and tight timelines. It exemplifies our dedication to creating websites that are not just functional repositories of information but are inclusive, engaging, and reflective of our clients’ unique identities. This project showcases our expertise in addressing the specific needs of educational institutions and their diverse communities.

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