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Web design and development for MelonCube Hosting, a Minecraft hosting company.

MelonCube Hosting

MelonCube Hosting is a premium game server provider with a personal touch. Thousands of customers use their services, and their website receives tens of thousands of visits daily.

We were tasked with creating a clean and minimalistic design, to suit their younger audience, design their billing system, game control panel and an uptime monitoring system.


MelonCube Hosting needed a new and extended website following a rebrand of their Minecraft hosting website. Alongside the new site, we have created the company’s logo, billing area and game control panel.

Minecraft hosting company logo

After submitting several options, this was the final chosen logo:

Minecraft hosting company logo design

Minecraft hosting company website


MelonCube Hosting web design - home

Service page

MelonCube Hosting - Minecraft page

Additional information page

MelonCube Hosting - specs page

MelonCube Hosting Billing Panel

Parrot Creative was tasked to integrate and customise the popular WHMCS billing platform for MelonCube Hosting’s intended use.

Aside from the aesthetic aspects, the development side of things involved adding additional backend integrations for server control panels, automatic syncing with third-party accounting software and more.


MelonCube Hosting - billing portal

Service view

MelonCube Hosting - product in billing area

Multicraft Control Panel

MelonCube Hosting required an on-brand design for their complex Multicraft control panel. Visual customisations were made to match the brand, styling and website visuals.

MelonCube Hosting - Multicraft design

MelonCube Hosting uptime monitor

We created an uptime monitor to keep track of every enterprise server used to provide MelonCube’s services. With each server hosting the services of hundreds of clients each and costing in more than £4,000 per year to maintain, it was important that MelonCube and their clients could instantly see uptime, usage and be immediately alerted to any issues with their infrastructure.

MelonCube Hosting uptime monitor

MelonCube Hosting was initially started and grown by ourselves, later acquired by Rackcrate Networks, before being sold to another American corporation. A review from Rackcrate Networks is included below.

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