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Website for an affiliate marketing company in the pet niche

Ginger Maine Coon kitten

Pet Affiliate Website

Meow Guide is an informational hub for cat owners

The cat blog features articles with advice on care, feeding and behaviour, as well as reviewing cat products such as cat food, litter, litter boxes and other accessories. The goal of Meow Guide is to provide useful, accurate and most in-demand information to ensure that cats can live long, enjoyable and healthy lives.

Meow Guide homepage design

Project Brief

Website for a cat blog and product review website

Meow Guide is a content-based business. The key is to provide easy access to articles and to make those articles clear to read.

At the core level, Meow Guide approached us for their WordPress website, hosting (hosting, emails and domain) and branding.

The brief included:

  • Responsive WordPress website
  • Easy to write and manage articles
  • Ability to include product reviews and ratings
  • Great structure for search engines
  • Must meet guidelines for submission to Google News
  • Logo design


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