Minecraft hosting website

Website design and billing area integration for Drash Hosting, a Minecraft hosting company.

Drash Hosting

Drash Hosting is a new US-based hosting company providing services to customers around the world. Drash Inc. was looking for a simple website with a turnaround time of only 10 days.

Despite an overwhelmingly busy period, Parrot Creative was able to deliver a project that met the client’s expectations and days before the project deadline.


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Speed-of-light service. Seemingly limitless knowledge. A polished and streamlined web page that is easy to use and looks great. Fun, helpful and practical training. Enthusiastic (!!!) personnel. Reasonable price - as with most, we are budget-conscious and controlled. Patience with our many questions, and quick answers, too. People who listen carefully to what we say.

Drash Inc.

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