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Bespoke WordPress website for British International School, Phuket, an independent school in Thailand.

British International School, Phuket

British International School, Phuket (also known as BISP) is an English-medium independent school with a 44-acre campus on the stunning rainforested island of Phuket, Thailand.

British International School, Phuket has over 890 students (from 2 to 18 years old) from more than 55 countries, centring its curriculum around high-performance sports and creative arts.

An insight into BISP


Our challenge was to create a modern and intuitive online experience for parents of prospective students while making the website a key destination for existing parents, students and teachers.

To kick off the project, we asked BISP what makes parents choose an independent school in Asia, rather than an independent school in the UK. Their responses were:

  • Good holistic education with over 95% of the final year going to university (on average).
  • Superior sports opportunities (the best in Asia) and exceptional Sporting Academies with professional sports coaches.
  • Excellence beyond examination (close to 30 students represent their countries in sports competitions).
  • Athletes winning competitions throughout Asia: Golf, Triathlon, Tennis, Swimming and Football.
  • Wellbeing programme and very happy students.
  • Exceptional boarding facilities.
  • Very wide range of examination subjects at IGCSE and IB Diploma, where 100% of final-year students pass IB Diploma.
  • Truly international student body (other local international schools are 90%+ Thai). BISP is 60% total foreign, 20% Thai/foreign and 20% Thai.
  • The environment is superior – campus and non-city.
  • Stable teaching staff.

Our conclusion was that British International School, Phuket was a superior choice, and it was vital that we accurately portray their student happiness, staff knowledge and stunning campus location.

Aside from beautification of BISP’s new website, the redesign was a great opportunity to introduce more of their existing high-quality videos and photos, as well as rethink some of the content to complement the school’s website redesign.

Independent school website

It was a requirement that the site is built using WordPress, and because we’re a WordPress web design agency – that wasn’t a problem!  Using WordPress allows BISP to easily manage nearly 200 pages, thousands of blog posts and even more images, making WordPress the platform of choice for a school website.

Without further ado, here’s the site:


The main reasons for the redesign were to move to a more professional and secure site. With this in mind, we designed the site to make a lasting impression for anyone visiting the new website.

BISP’s new homepage is made up several sections, which include the school’s key statistics, main pages that lead off to landing pages (see further down), video blocks, a quote from the headmaster and a selection of blog posts from their immense news archive.

Lastly, each page ends with a call to action (CTA). These easy-access links are always visible to anyone who reaches the bottom of the page, to encourage visitors to contact the school or take direct action by scheduling a tour or applying to go to the school

Landing page

Being a school website, we knew that we had to display pages in such a way to ensure that the menu dropdowns and footer didn’t have hundreds of links within them. We chose to guide users with the help of “landing pages”, which group content by topic. There are two stages to these, where the top level can be very broad, while the second level will list out all of the pages under that heading.

Each landing page block can be overridden to have a specific size and can have an image or video background.

Content page

Content is king, and even more so for an independent school like BISP. It was vital to ensure that the school has access to a wide range of formatting options, including different headings, tables, quotes, lists, statistics, charts and buttons. These are shown in a sample page below:

Blog post

With thousands of existing blog posts and a healthy publishing schedule, BISP needed to step up their blog post layout. Aside from the cleaner and more focused content layout, we added social sharing options, newsletter signup, previous and next posts, and related posts based on the category that the post is in.

Enquiry page

Being an international school, it was vital that contact information was readily available to anyone wanting to find out where exactly the school is based and how to contact them. The enquiry page is laid out to display various methods of contact, including links to the registration of interest form, schedule a tour form and an application form.

Further to this, the page has a fully interactive Google map, and a “taxi card”, which can be easily viewed on any device and printed; showing the school’s location on a map, alongside the full address in English and Thai.

How it looks on mobile

Mobile certainly wasn’t missed. Every page designed on a desktop was accompanied by a mobile design. With thorough planning and designs, it was only natural that the website works flawlessly on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop screens.

Further work

Through our successful relationship, we continue to help British International School, Phuket to improve their online presence. We have undertaken many changes to the site based on staff and visitor feedback in order to make the website adapted to the needs of its target audience. Our changes will be periodically updated here, but can also be found on the British International School, Phuket website.

We used them through a recommendation from several UK independent schools and they took us through the design process from concept to delivery for our new school website. We are extremely pleased with Parrot's impeccable service. They were extremely helpful in guiding us through the whole process and used their experience to advise on not only design but SEO and hosting options. They are very knowledgeable and pay close attention to details. They are also very patient with us as we made several major design changes during the project. Overall, we would have no hesitation in recommending Parrot Creative for your web design and hosting solutions.

British International School, Phuket

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